Happily Ever After

One and one not always equals two. The couple and its complicated arithmetic through three stories where characters want to be happy but they don´t know how. When you get stood up, when you wake up beside a stranger, when after thirty years you don´t know what to speak about. The loneliness of sleeping alone and of sleeping with someone. Named as one of the best plays of 2014 by DC Metro Theater Arts: Best play, best directors and best actors

Ambassador Theatre, Washington DC, 12-30th March 2014

Ambassador Theatre Blog: http://blog.aticc.org/happily-ever-after-are-we/

Article by Eliza Anna Falk: http://www.aticc.org/home/for-better-or-for-worse

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Photo: Karin Rosnizeck and Doug Krehbel in Happily Ever After. Photo: Ambassador Theatre